Friday, April 10, 2009

JUST WHAT CAN YOU DO? from backpackingdad . . .

Backpacking Dad: What Can You Do?

Sometimes one must step out of voyeurism and get involved.

I do not know the Spohrs or Backpackingdad or THE WIND IN YOUR VAGINA or any of the people on the side of my blog except for The Cheeky Monkey Show. Being new to this realm, I am certainly more voyeur than blogger . . .

Yet . . .

However little I may know the Spohrs, who can deny their adorable Maddie who has moved on from this world so quickly.

Heather and Mike,

I am so sorry for your loss. Would that I could lend more comfort than to help you in laying your little beauty to rest and honoring her through March of Dimes .

Most Sincerely,

A mere stranger


Dear Anyone who Stumbles Across this Blog, however Inadvertently . . .

Please do what your heart moves you to do.

J Phoenix

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